Q. What does “velvet nox” mean?

A. Nox, also known as Nyx, is the Goddess of the Night, Child of Chaos and Mother of both Light and Strife. One of the original Deities of Creation in the Greco-Roman Pantheon, she emerged from the void to birth a dozen contradictions essential to human life and beauty.

And then also, we just really like velvet.


Q. How can I perform with you?

A. We are always excited to welcome new performers to our stage! We announce casting calls in a Facebook group as well as through an email mailing list for performers. Please Contact Us to be added to these lists so you will hear about upcoming open applications. We never charge a fee to apply.


Q. How can I sponsor you?

A. Please Contact Us if you are interested in sponsoring a show! We would love to work together with you to design a sponsorship package that will meet your needs and help promote your business.

More questions?

Please contact us and we will get back to you with answers.