Velvet Nox Productions
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Pole Dance and Burlesque in Austin, TX


About Us

Velvet Nox Productions is a pole dance and burlesque production company in Austin, TX.

We pride ourselves on working with dancers and community members who feel that pole dance and burlesque are beautifully feminist art forms that combine technical skill, physical allure, and artistic vision and execution into pieces that can heal, arouse, inspire awe, tell a story, express a soul, and anything else that skilled art and the beauty of the human form can do.

Creatively Focused

As producers, we take pole dance and burlesque to be feminist acts that embrace sexuality, gender, human beauty, great physical skill in all their forms, without requiring the demeaning or exclusion of any group of people who use these forms to different ends than we do. We produce shows with exceptional dancers, tight timing and effects, and strong and visually vivid themes rooted in a story telling aesthetic. We encourage dancers to create pieces that are thematically rich and character driven but in their own preferred style, which results in pieces that range from flirty to macabre, from sweet to salacious.

Dancer Driven

We don’t believe that all sexual performances are by definition objectifying to the dancer, and we believe that the power rests in the dancer in every performance, no matter what happens on the stage. We strive for performances where every person involved, viewer or performer, engages from a space of personal empowerment and enjoyment, whatever that means for the individual needs and desires involved.



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